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5 Reasons Why Wordpress is A Great Blogging Platform

Date Added: July 17, 2011 07:15:24 AM
Category: Computers and Internet

We designers have been increasingly deployed these days to design blogs. Just like website template sites there are a lot of free and paid blog templates available out there that people can simply install. But the need for good customised blog theme design is huge. As this is a relatively new development in design field not a lot of web designers are equipped to handle eth PHP side of things, which most blogging platforms use. Wordpress solves all those worries. Even though it takes some getting used to installing, configuring, streamlining, customising Wordpress blogs once you do it for the first time you can master it in no time. We give you five good reasons why Wordpress rules-

·         Free Codex + Open Source

Wordpress is available free of cost to download. Yes, it’s an open-source beauty and it works seamlessly. There is a regular team that works on it to keep it up-to-date and bug-free, plus there is a whole community working around it to keep it the best blog platform in the entire world. Did I mention it has the best price tag attached- free! So, no reason why you’re still thinking and brooding about it.

·         Free Themes

Design wise there are plenty of options when it comes Wordpress themes. This is the beauty with open-source stuff; developers know that a lot of people are going to be using Wordpress so they set out to develop add-ons that’ll be used by masses of people. This gives these developers and designers huge exposure in return of a free piece of code or theme. There are thousands of all kinds of theme available to be installed. If you want more customisation, it’s normally cheaper than a static site’s design.

·         Free Plugins

Plugins are to Wordpress what extensions are to Joomla. They are special small piece of programs written specifically for Wordpress to enhance certain features. These are add-ons. These are developed by the community that has access to Wordpress open-source codex. Plugins make Wordpress a great platform to use.

·         Easy to Manage

If you have always been nervous about managing a complex site, Wordpress is the answer. Whether you are handing it over to a client for managing or doing it yourself, training yourself to manage content with Wordpress is a breeze.

·         Advance Database Driven Monster

Wordpress is a database driven platform, which means it is dynamic and can hold thousands of pages of information seamlessly. If you though you need to spend thousand of dollars to get your hand on such a software than you you’d be surprised what you are getting for free. It’s not only free but a breeze to manage and maintain. Wordpress is a game changer and is here to stay a long time.

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